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Officer Crabtree

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The idiot English policeman who thinks he can speak French.

Officer Crabtree


1. On the way to each pub, he has to stop somebody in the street to ask directions: “Good moaning. We are licking for a pube called …..”

2. At each bar, he has to order a drink: “Good moaning. I would lick two pants. Two pants of…..”
And in one bar: “I would like a whoskey and cock.”

3. Somehow has to work into the conversation, preferably with strangers, phrases like:
“I was pissing by the door when I heard two shats.”
“You are holding in your hind a smoking goon. You are clearly the guilty potty.”
“The troon carrying the sissage has been bummed by the RAF. There are little pissers all over the track.”
“I admit my Fronch cod be butter.”

Catchphrase: “Good moaning.”


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  1. Classic stuff, I cannot wait to see this in action 🙂

    Comment by Herr flick — 29/01/2010 @ 00:18

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